"Fountain Study"

$ 2,900.00

Limited Edition Bronze with Nickel Plating - 15" H x 10" x 8 by Robin Richerson

This sculpture was created as a maquette for a large fountain. But it is a remarkable three dimensional design at any size. From one view the sphere at the top is partially closed and the struts at the bottom are totally open.  As the viewer moves around the piece the sphere begins to open in space as the struts begin to close. Envision this piece being 10 to 12 feet tall with a thin wall of water falling through the opening into a slit  located in the very center portion of the sphere. This sculpture is a good size for a desk top or display case. The large version as a fountain would be perfect for the outside entryway into a business.

This sculpture is "Made to Order" and requires a 50% deposit at time of order. Please contact Matt Palmer at matt@iconartworks.com regarding delivery schedule and with any questions you may have.