POWERCAT dedicated to Jordan Brunk - K-State Honors Jordan with posthumous degree!

As a follow up to my post yesterday regarding our new POWERCAT Desktop Sculpture for K-State and the inspiration behind its creation, I wanted to express my gratitude to Kansas State University.  ICON Artworks dedicated the Powercat sculpture to my cousin JORDAN D. BRUNK...who passed away in July of 2020 (at the age of 24) due to a GBM brain tumor.  At the time, Jordan was a student at K-State.  Jordan displayed strength, determination and poise throughout this reoccurring illness that ultimately took his life and I am grateful to Kansas State University for honoring Jordan this year with a posthumous degree in Construction Management & Science!!!  

June 04, 2021 by Matt Palmer

ICON Artworks Introduces POWERCAT Sculpture for K-State (with Dedication to Jordan Brunk)

Hey @KStateSports & @KStateFB fans...ICON Artworks is proud to honor K-State athletics with our new, officially licensed POWERCAT Desktop Sculpture!  A perfect gift for K-State students, alumni, faculty and fans alike!  


This amazing piece was created by ICON Artwork's Featured Artist Robin Richerson and is handcrafted in Cast Pewter and Bronze!

We also take great pride in dedicating this sculpture to a truly remarkable young man (and member of our family) named Jordan D. Brunk...may he rest In peace!  My cousin Jordan tragically passed away on July 29, 2020 at the tender age of 24 due to a reoccurring GBM brain tumor.  Jordan was preceded in death by my father Al Palmer, who had lovingly supported Jordan during his radiation treatments. 

Jordan was a student at Kansas State University and was studying construction management and science.   He was also an AKKA Black Belt...and had achieved the rank of Eagle Scout!    

Jordan and his father Jeff would often work alongside my uncle Robin and I at our family-owned and operated art studio in Kansas City.  In fact, it was Jordan who initially inspired us to create the iconic Powercat sculpture!  Before his passing, Jordan was being mentored by Robin in the art of sculpture and had been actively working with Robin on another sculpture for K-State depicting Willie the Wildcat...which we hope to introduce in the future.   

Click here to ORDER NOW: iconartworks.com !!  #KSU, #Wildcats, #KStateFB, #EMAW


Jordan Daniel Brunk

SEPTEMBER 16, 1995JULY 29, 2020


(pictured left to right: My uncle Jeff Brunk and his son Jordan) 

(pictured left to right:  My father Al Palmer and uncle Robin Richerson)





June 02, 2021 by Matt Palmer

ICON Artworks Introduces NEW Crimson Tide Desktop Sculpture for The University of Alabama!

Hey, @univofalabama fans...we're excited to introduce our new, officially licensed "CRIMSON TIDE DESKTOP SCULPTURE" for the UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA!! This amazing piece was created by ICON Artworks' Featured Artist Tim Wolfe and stands at 6.5 inches in height...and weighs a whopping 6 pounds! Tim is an extraordinary artist and one of the greatest wildlife sculptors in the world today! Handcrafted exclusively in America..in Cast Pewter & Bronze! Custom laser engraving of the marble base available. ORDER NOW at www.iconartworks.com. ROLL TIDE! (AND SHARE THIS BLOG POST WITH EVERY BAMA FAN YOU KNOW!!)

#Alabama, #CrimsonTide, #RollTide, #AlabamaCrimsonTide, #WhereLegendsAreMade, #TodayatUA, #Tuscaloosa, #RollTideRoll, #AlabamaFootball, #Bama,

June 18, 2020 by Matt Palmer

ICON Artworks Introduces New Series of Religious/Spiritual Icons

ICON Artworks is proud to introduce a new addition to our series of religious/ spiritual "icons". This amazing piece entitled "Joy in the Finding" was created by acclaimed artist Robin Richerson and the expression of joy is evident in the face of the Savior of the lamb. The sculpture reflects gentleness in the eyes and mouth and strength in the hands and brow.

This Limited Edition desktop sculpture is handcrafted in Cast Pewter & Bronze. MADE IN USA! Click the link below to order now.


February 20, 2020 by Matt Palmer

ICON Artworks Introduces St. Francis Sculpture by Artist Nancy King

ICON Artworks is proud to introduce our new series of religious/ spiritual "icons"...which includes a beautiful desktop sculpture of St. Francis of Assisi.  This remarkable piece was created by artist Nancy King and is handcrafted in cast pewter and bronze.   St. Francis of Assisi is one of the most popular and beloved Catholic saints.  Today, Saint Francis of Assisi is the patron saint for ecologists — a title honoring his boundless love for animals and nature.  Saint Francis of Assisi abandoned a life of luxury for a life devoted to Christianity after reportedly hearing the voice of God, who commanded him to rebuild the Christian church and live in poverty. 

A perfect gift for those who love animals and are passionate about the environment.  Click here to order.    

  • Created by artist Nancy King exclusively for ICON Artworks
  • Handcrafted in Cast Pewter and Bronze Plated Cast Pewter
  • Size:  7.5 inches (including base); Total Weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Each sculpture is mounted on a round, black Belgian marble base which can be customized or personalized with laser engraving.
  • First Edition is individually numbered, limited to 1000
  • Includes a Certificate of Authenticity 

ABOUT THE ARTIST:  Artist Nancy King grew up in Tulsa, OK and was interested in art from an early age.  In high school, she studied oil painting with Jay O'Meilia, a nationally recognized artist who specialized in portrait work, sports paintings and sculpting.  Nancy earned a degree in art education from Oklahoma State University and pursued her passion for art by producing several oil paintings of landscapes and portraits.

About ten years ago, Nancy had the honor of becoming one of artist Robin Richerson's students and quickly developed a passion for sculpting.  "Every sculpture is very personal to me," states Nancy.  "It's an art that involves talent, creativity, problem-solving...and a lot of patience, but the end product gives me an incredible feeling of accomplishment." 

Nancy chose to sculpt St. Francis of Assisi because he was a figure in her home when growing up, whether it was a little statue on her breakfast table or a garden statue by the birdbath and feeders.  She discovered St. Francis was the patron saint of nature from singing "The Prayer of St. Francis" in her church choir.  She studied the teachings of St. Francis and learned that he truly believed that "nature itself is the mirror of God" and that we must care not only for all creatures but also our environment.

"One of my goals in depicting St. Francis was to make sure he has a kind, gentle look on his face...unlike many of the St. Francis sculptures that reflect a solemn or glum appearance," states Nancy.  "I really feel that holding a bird or animal would have given him so much pleasure.  How could he not have been smiling?"    


February 20, 2020 by Matt Palmer

ICON Artworks Introduces New Featured Artist Tim Wolfe!

ICON Artworks is proud to announce the addition of new "Featured Artist" Tim Wolfe!   Tim is a remarkable talent and one of the most heralded wildlife sculptors in the world today.   Tim joins ICON Artwork's other Featured Artist Robin Richerson and together we will continue to immortalize treasured icons in bronze & pewter!  

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!   Tim and Robin are hard at work creating several new sculptures to add to ICON Artwork's series of officially licensed Collegiate Sports Icons.   HANDCRAFTED EXCLUSIVELY IN USA!!


Click here for Tim Wolfe's bio:  







September 17, 2019 by Matt Palmer

ICON Artworks Introduces new Officially Licensed Collegiate Sport Icons for Duke, Michigan State, TCU and Texas A&M!

On Dec. 2nd, we (ICON Artworks) proudly launched four new additions to our series of Officially Licensed Collegiate Sports Icons....which included:

I want to dedicate this Blog Post to recognizing the amazing team of skilled artisans that contribute to our mission to immortalize treasured icons in Cast Pewter & Bronze...exclusively here in America!   

ICON Artworks is a family-owned & operated art studio located in Kansas City...featuring the works of my enormously talented uncle Robin Richerson.   But, there are many others behind the scenes that play a big part in our success.

Dusty MeyersAs you may recall, Robin was mentored for four years by world-renowned artist Kwan Wu.  Well, Robin has begun to "pay it forward" so to speak....by mentoring other local artists.  One of those artists is Dusty Meyers.   We're proud to have Dusty as one of our Studio Artists and appreciate his work on Texas A&M's Reveille sculpture...as well as the Horned Frog for TCU and the Spartans Helmet for Michigan State.   

I'd also like to recognize our great team at Baker Art Foundry that cast these amazing "Collegiate Sports Icons" in the finest, lead-free pewter alloy used for sculpture. Special thanks to George & Jackie Kysor!  

George Kysor is a master mold-maker and has decades of experience in casting pewter sculpture.  His team also has expertise in electroplating in bronze, silver, nickel, and gold. 

I'd also like to thank Mat Rew and Chris McCoy at R&D Prototype for all their hard work.  They specialize in state-of-the-art 3D Laser Scanning & 3D Printing technology that enable us to produce precise reproductions of our sculptures on any scale desired.

Finally, I'd like to express my gratitude to Cole Bonham at Midwest Engravers!  Cole...along with Philip Termini and the rest of their team help us to customize or personalize each sculpture's marble base w/ laser engraving...so customers can recognize major sponsors or donors, graduation....or any other event or achievement desired.


Best wishes for a HAPPY HOLIDAYS from all of us at ICON Artworks!! 







December 04, 2017 by Matt Palmer


Here's a sneak preview of our Herbie Husker Desktop Sculptures for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln...created by acclaimed sculptor Robin Richerson of ICON Artworks. Photos below reflect the original Herbie Husker mascot introduced in 1974...and the current Herbie Husker that was redesigned in 2003. These new additions to our series of Collegiate Sports Icons will go sale August 1st...exclusively through our online gallery at www.ICONartworks.com.  GO BIG RED!!


July 24, 2017 by Matt Palmer

Coming Soon - Pistol Pete Desktop Sculpture from Icon Artworks!

Here's a sneak preview of our Pistol Pete Desktop Sculpture for Oklahoma State University!   This is the newest addition to our series of Collegiate Sports Icons from acclaimed sculptor Robin Richerson of ICON Artworks.    ON SALE STARTING AUGUST 1st...exclusively through our online gallery at www.ICONartworks.com.   GO POKES!!





July 21, 2017 by Matt Palmer


Hey Jayhawk Nation....KU's COMMENCEMENT DAY is Sunday, May 14th and ICON Artworks has the PERFECT GIFT FOR GRADUATION!

Our Officially Licensed Evolution of the Jayhawk Desktop Sculptures are offered in Cast Pewter, 23K Gold Plated Pewter...and our Signature Cast Bronze. Our 5-inch "Baby Jays" start at just $149.95 and our 8-INCH "BIG JAYS" start at $349.00. And, we can customize the marble base w/ laser engraving to honor their achievement.

ORDER NOW in our online gallery at www.ICONartworks.com. Rock Chalk!!




April 13, 2017 by Matt Palmer