ICON Artworks Introduces new Officially Licensed Collegiate Sport Icons for Duke, Michigan State, TCU and Texas A&M!

On Dec. 2nd, we (ICON Artworks) proudly launched four new additions to our series of Officially Licensed Collegiate Sports Icons....which included:

I want to dedicate this Blog Post to recognizing the amazing team of skilled artisans that contribute to our mission to immortalize treasured icons in Cast Pewter & Bronze...exclusively here in America!   

ICON Artworks is a family-owned & operated art studio located in Kansas City...featuring the works of my enormously talented uncle Robin Richerson.   But, there are many others behind the scenes that play a big part in our success.

Dusty MeyersAs you may recall, Robin was mentored for four years by world-renowned artist Kwan Wu.  Well, Robin has begun to "pay it forward" so to speak....by mentoring other local artists.  One of those artists is Dusty Meyers.   We're proud to have Dusty as one of our Studio Artists and appreciate his work on Texas A&M's Reveille sculpture...as well as the Horned Frog for TCU and the Spartans Helmet for Michigan State.   

I'd also like to recognize our great team at Baker Art Foundry that cast these amazing "Collegiate Sports Icons" in the finest, lead-free pewter alloy used for sculpture. Special thanks to George & Jackie Kysor!  

George Kysor is a master mold-maker and has decades of experience in casting pewter sculpture.  His team also has expertise in electroplating in bronze, silver, nickel, and gold. 

I'd also like to thank Mat Rew and Chris McCoy at R&D Prototype for all their hard work.  They specialize in state-of-the-art 3D Laser Scanning & 3D Printing technology that enable us to produce precise reproductions of our sculptures on any scale desired.

Finally, I'd like to express my gratitude to Cole Bonham at Midwest Engravers!  Cole...along with Philip Termini and the rest of their team help us to customize or personalize each sculpture's marble base w/ laser engraving...so customers can recognize major sponsors or donors, graduation....or any other event or achievement desired.


Best wishes for a HAPPY HOLIDAYS from all of us at ICON Artworks!! 







December 04, 2017 by Matt Palmer
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