"Plains Indian Princess"

$ 6,449.00

Limited Edition Bronze - 20" Cast Bronze by Robin Richerson of ICON Artworks 

Cast Bronze sculpture depicting the culture and beauty of the Indigenous people of the Great Plains.   This chosen princess wears the honorary deerskin dress lined with quill beads.  The detail in the beaded pendant, braided hair, feathers in the hair and shell earrings complete this overall majestic pose.  The dark buffalo robe that wraps around her contrasts well with the light deerskin dress.  Her strength and individuality are captured in her native features.

This sculpture is an impressive life-sized depiction which is 20" tall, 12" wide and. 10" deep, and signed by the artist.  Numbers 2 through 10 of this limited edition have not yet been cast and are still available.    

This sculpture is "Made to Order" and requires a 50% deposit at time of order.  Price includes crating and delivery within the USA. Please contact Matt Palmer at matt@iconartworks.com regarding delivery schedule and with any questions you may have.